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Faculty Summer Institute

Each summer, CxC hosts a three-day faculty workshop dedicated to providing hands-on activities and resources to enhance courses. During the institute, consultants from LSU and other top-tier institutions come together to share best practices for integrating formal and informal written, spoken, visual, and technological communication into the LSU curriculum. Above all else, the CxC Summer Institute is designed to energize faculty, provide interdisciplinary networking and learning opportunities, and give faculty effective and innovative ideas for improving their students’ discipline-specific communication skills.

Faculty participants leave the CxC Summer Institute with fresh, new teaching methods, well-designed assignments and assessment plans, and all the tools needed to implement Communication-Intensive courses. Many faculty members have also used this time to develop more comprehensive communication-based curricular plans for their departments/colleges.

Space is limited. If you are interested in attending Summer Institute, please let your dean and CxC know in order to be considered.

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