C-I Certification Syllabus Statement 

Faculty who are teaching certified Communication-Intensive courses must include the following statement on their syllabus:

This is a certified Communication-Intensive (C-I) course which meets all of the requirements set forth by LSU’s Communication across the Curriculum program, including

  • instruction and assignments emphasizing informal and formal [mode 1] and [mode 2];
  • teaching of discipline-specific communication techniques;
  • use of feedback loops for learning;
  • 40% of the course grade rooted in communication-based work; and
  • practice of ethical and professional work standards.

Students interested in pursuing the LSU Communicator Certificate and/or the LSU Distinguished Communicator Medal may use this C-I course for credit. For more information about these student recognition programs, visit www.cxc.lsu.edu.

In addition to including the above statement in syllabi, C-I faculty are encouraged to direct students to CxC's landing page. There, students can access up-to-date info about communication skills development resources available during the fall 2020 semester, and to learn more about how CxC programming can help with their long-term goals. In addition to recognition programs like the LSU Distinguished Communicator Medal and LSU Communicator Certificate, CxC also offers digital resources to help students build their communication skills, provides 1-1 communication mentoring support, and has resources available for use via the physical CxC studio locations.