LSU Vet Med Faculty and Staff Recognized for Outstanding Achievements with Awards

April 28, 2023

Award Recipients

Brewster Boudreaux Garden

Senior Dean's Coordinator Dustin Brewster (left) and Dean Oliver Garden congratulate Alexa Boudreaux.

Jayme Looper, Lisa Roundtree, Colin Mitchell

Hospital directors Jayme Looper (left) and Colin Mitchell congratulate Lisa Roundtree.

 Mariano Carossino and Tammy Dugas
Henry Green, Leslie Nevarez, Donnie Watkins

Kirk Ryan, Jeremy Delcambre, Adriano Vatta, Stephanie Dennis, Heidi Banse

Top right: Mariano Carossino is congratulated by Tammy Dugas, associate dean for research and graduate education.

Bottom left: Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence Henry W. Green, III (left) and OIE Manager Donnie Watkins congratulate Leslie Nevarez.

Bottom right: Teachers of the Year (from left) are Kirk Ryan, Jeremy Delcambre, Adriano Vatta, and Stephanie Dennis. They are congratulated by Heidi Banse, associate dean for education strategy.


On Thursday, April 27, 2023, LSU Vet Med recognized the excellent performance at its Faculty & Staff Awards ceremony. Also recognized were those faculty and staff members celebrating milestone anniversaries. 

Award Recipients

Service Award Recognition