Within the unique environment of the School of Veterinary Medicine, the Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences is committed to
  • advance groundbreaking discoveries in the biomedical sciences
  • provide excellence in professional and graduate education
  • serve and promote the institution and greater community.
The CBS Department conducts basic and translational research in diverse areas of biomedical sciences including: cancer biology, cardiovascular disease, developmental biology, neurosciences, and toxicology. We seek to understand the normal regulation of physiological and cellular processes, which are dysfunctional in disease states.  Understanding these mechanisms may offer novel approaches for therapeutic intervention. 

We welcome you to explore our Department, and we especially invite those who are interested in enrolling in a graduate program involving advanced biomedical research to contact us.

J. Michael Mathis, PhD

Professor and Head




MS and PhD Degrees

For any general questions regarding a graduate career or specific questions regarding our graduate program, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Charles C. Lee, PhD
Graduate Recruiter
Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Phone (225) 578-9032