Graduate Student Program

MS or PhD in Biomedical and Veterinary Medical Sciences

The Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences participates in the graduate program of the School of Veterinary Medicine leading to Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Biomedical and Veterinary Medical Sciences with a concentration in Comparative Biomedical Sciences. This program is designed to provide advanced educational opportunities for students in a broad range of biomedical sciences. Major research concentrations in the Department include cancer biology, cardiovascular disease, developmental biology, neurosciences, and toxicology.

The goal of our graduate program is to provide individualized training for the next generation of scientists and educators who will be leaders in biomedical and veterinary research and education. Our graduate curriculum provides students with the skills necessary for an intellectually challenging and rewarding career in an academic, industry, or government setting. 

Our graduate program consists of lecture courses, seminar presentations, and independent research. Our program emphasizes the acquisition of a solid background in scientific literature and a skilled capability in experimental approaches. In addition, we promote the development of excellent written and oral communication skills.