Atlas Tools

USGS Quadrangles: Explore and Find

The US Geological Service quadrangle maps for the lower 48 states were completed in 1992. These maps have been the basis for countless adventures across the United States. We are putting them into service once again as the survey unit for the Louisiana Bird Atlas. We have two ways to help you explore the state and find the quad that your favorite birding spot or a quad in an area that you would like to explore. 

Explore Quads with Google Earth Quad Overlay

First, go to and download Google Earth to your machine if you don't already have it. Then download the Louisiana Quads file to your desktop or a folder of your choice. With the Google Earth window open, open the "File" heading in the top tool bar and then select "open" in the drop down menu. Choose the Louisiana Quads file from the desktop or your selected folder.


There should be four layers in the "Places" window on the left side of the map window in the Louisiana Quads folder. Click the box and the quad boundaries will appear over Louisiana. 

Clicking Louisiana Quads will turn on all four layers at once: A, B, C, and D.

To find the name of a quad, select the number in the middle of the quad for an information box to appear. You will need this name to enter data in the atlas eBird portal.


Find a Quad with Louisiana Quad Print Tool 

For web users, we have two options. This is a very easy web solution created by Bill Sussky of Minilogic Systems. If you know the name of the quad, you can select it and print from the Minilogic Louisiana Quads web page here.