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About the Atlas

The Louisiana Bird Atlas was launched in 2006 to better understand the abundance and distribution of Louisiana birds.  Although we have fairly precise information for arrival dates and distribution, abundance for each species is unknown for most of the state.

We have completed five years of sampling and plan to make one final push in 2012 before we compile and analyze the data.  So far, volunteers have logged more than 10,000 hours for this project!

How to get started:

  1. Find a quadrangle with our quad finding tools provided by The Nature Conservancy and Google Earth and Bill Sussky of Minilogic Systems.
  2. Go birding in the quad during the January 10 - February 20 and June 1 - July 15 date range.
  3. Enter data for the birds you detected through our specific eBird data entry page.
  4. Explore the database through the Explore Data function through our eBird portal


** Header Image is Seaside Sparrow by Richard E. Gibbons * *