Rui Zhangzhang

Assistant Professor of Physics

PhD, 2011 - UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Louisiana State University
Department of Physics & Astronomy
443-B Nicholson, Hall, Tower Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4001
(225) 578- 2975 and (225) 215-1132

Research Interests

Dr. Zhang is board certified in Therapeutic Physics by the American Board of Radiology. His current research interests include advanced radiotherapy techniques, clinical medical physics research, radiotherapy patient outcome research, Monte Carlo simulation, out-of-field dose modeling, brachytherapy.

Current and Select Publications (*trainee directly supervised)

  • *Freund, D., Zhang, R., Sanders, M., Newhauser, W. D. (2015). Predictive risk of radiation induced cerebral necrosis in pediatric brain cancer patients after VMAT versus proton therapy. Cancers, 7(2), 617–630.

  • Newhauser, W. D., Zhang, R. (2015). The physics of proton therapy. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 60(8), R155.

  • Zhang, R., Mirkovic, D., Newhauser, W. D. (2015). Visualization of risk of radiogenic second cancer in the organs and tissues of the human body. Radiation Oncology, 10: 107.

  • *Margaret Hernandez, Rui Zhang, Mary Sanders, Newhauser, W. D. (2016). A treatment planning comparison of volumetric modulated arc therapy and proton therapy for a sample of breast cancer patients treated with post-mastectomy radiotherapy. Journal of Proton Therapy, 1, 119.

  • *Petersen, N., Perrin, D., Newhauser, W. D., Zhang, R. (2017). Impact of multileaf collimator configuration parameters on the dosimetric accuracy of 6-MV Intensity-Modulated radiation therapy treatment plans. Journal of Medical Physics, 42(3), 151-155.

  • *Yoon, J., *Heins, D., *Zhao, X., Sanders, M., Zhang, R. (2017). Measurement and modeling of out-of-field doses from various advanced post-mastectomy radiotherapy techniques. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 62(23), 9039.

  • *Yoon, J., *Xie, Y., Zhang, R. (2018). Evaluation of surface and shallow depth dose reductions using a Superflab bolus during conventional and advanced external beam radiation therapy, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 19(2), 137-143.

  • *Yoon, J., *Xie, Y., *Heins, D., Zhang, R. (2018). Modeling of the metallic port in breast tissue expanders for photon radiotherapy, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 19(3): 205-214.

  • Guo, B., Zhang, R. (2018). Statistical Methods for Clinical Trial Designs in the New Era of Cancer Treatment, Biostatistics and Biometrics Open Access Journal,5(3), 1-3.

  • Zhang, R., *Heins, D., Sanders, M., Guo, B., Hogstrom, K. (2018). Evaluation of a mixed beam therapy for post-mastectomy breast cancer patients: bolus electron conformal therapy combined with intensity modulated photon radiotherapy and volumetric modulated arc photon therapy,Medical Physics, Epub ahead of print.