Hangwen Guoguo

Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D., 2013 - University of Tennessee

Louisiana State University
Department of Physics & Astronomy
229-D Nicholson Hall, Tower Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4001
(225) 578-4147



Research Interests

Experimental Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

My research interests are focused on the investigation of emergent phenomena and novel mechanism at complex oxide interfaces. We utilize the atomic-level controlled growth and characterization techniques to achieve high quality correlated oxide thin films such as colossal magnetoresistance, exotic superconductor etc. Our approach is to explore how to tune the material properties via dimensionality control and spatial confinement, in order to realize new state of matters that do not exist in bulk form.


Selected Publications

1.   H.W. Guo, S. Dong, P. Rack, J. Budai, C. Beekman, Z. Gai, W. Siemons, C.M. Gonzalez, R. Timilsina, A. Wong, A. Herklotz, P.C. Snijders, E. Dagotto & T.Z. Ward, Strain doping: Reversible single axis control of a complex oxide lattice via helium implantation, Physical Review Letters 114, 256801 (2015).

2.   H.W. Guo & J. Zhang, “Scanning probe microscopy of epitaxial oxide films” Chapter 21, Epitaxial growth of complex metal oxides, Woodhead Publishing Limited, (2015).

3.   H.W. Guo, J.H. Noh, S. Dong, P.D. Rack, Z. Gai, X. Xu, E. Dagotto, J. Shen & T.Z. Ward, Electrophoretic-like gating used to control metal-insulator transitions in electronically phase separated manganite wires, Nano Letters 13, 3749 (2013).

4.   H.W. Guo, D. Sun, W. Wang, Z. Gai, I. Kravchenko, J. Shao, L. Jiang, T.Z. Ward, P.C. Snijders, L.F. Yin, J. Shen & X. Xu , Growth diagram of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films using pulsed laser deposition, Journal of Applied Physics 113, 234301 (2013).

5.   A. Herklotz, H.W. Guo, A.T. Wong,  H.N. Lee, P.D. Rack &  T.Z. Ward, Multimodal responses of self-organized circuitry in  electronically phase separated materials, Advanced Electronic Materials 2, 189 (2016).

6.   M. Saghayezhian, L. Chen, G. Wang, H.W. Guo, E.W. Plummer & J. Zheng, Polar compensation at the surface of SrTiO3 (111), Physical Review B 93, 125408 (2016)