PhD Alumnus Dimitrios Kranas Receives 2024 Distinguished Dissertation Award in STEM

Dimitrios Kranas
Dimitrios Kranas

The LSU Alumni Association 2024 Distinguished Dissertation Award in Science, Engineering and Technology has been awarded to Dimitrios Kranas from Thessaloniki, Greece, who joined LSU and the Hearne Institute of Theoretical Physics under the mentorship of Associate Professor of Physics Ivan Agullo in 2018.

His dissertation, “Entanglement in the Hawking Effect: From Astrophysical to Optical Black Holes,” opens a promising window for the observability of the quantum origin of the Hawking effect in the lab using different input quantum states of light.

“In essence, Dr. Kranas' dissertation stands out as the most exemplary PhD thesis produced under my guidance,” said Agullo. “Dr. Kranas' dissertation is exceptional, incorporating innovative, multi-disciplinary work that bridges gravity, quantum information, optics, and condensed matter. His research connects theoretical developments with experiments in analog gravity systems, yielding a powerful set of tools applicable to diverse collaborations, including experimental groups. It is a rare accomplishment for a graduate student's theoretical work to reach such heights.”

2017 BS alumnus from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Kranas received his PhD in physics from the LSU College of Science in August 2023 and now works as a postdoctoral researcher at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, France.

“It was in the lively ambiance of the enchanting city of Thessaloniki in northern Greece I first developed a passion for solving riddles and understanding the mysteries of nature,” Kranas said. “This led me to pursue a degree in physics and delve deeper into theoretical physics.”

Kranas investigates the confluence of field theory, general relativity and quantum information.

Associate Professor Ivan Agullo with 2023 PhD Alumnus Dimitrios Kranas
Associate Professor Ivan Agullo with 2023 PhD Alumnus Dimitrios Kranas

“At the heart of theoretical physics lies the tantalizing challenge of reconciling Einstein’s theory of relativity with the enigmatic realm of quantum mechanics,” Kranas said. “My scholarly pursuits are centered on unraveling this intricate connection, with a specific focus on investigating the quantum properties of matter in the presence of gravitational influences, such as particle creation in the vicinity of black holes and during the cosmic expansion.”

Each year, the LSU Alumni Association and the LSU Pinkie Gordon Lane Graduate School recognize two LSU doctoral students whose research and writing demonstrate superior scholarship. Read more about the 2024 recipients here.



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