2013 PhD Alumna Receives FIAP Career Lectureship Award

2013 LSU PhD alumna Azadeh Keivani
2013 LSU PhD alumna Azadeh Keivani

The American Physical Society has named 2013 PhD alumna Azadeh Keivani as the recipient of the FIAP Career Lectureship Award, which recognizes physicists in industrial and other non-academic careers for their significant contributions to the advancement of physics of a technical, industrial, or entrepreneurial nature and for their demonstrated ability to give interesting and engaging lectures to both experts and non-experts.

Keivani, a senior data scientist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, earned the award “for the development and application of artificial intelligence techniques to problems ranging from education to clinical studies in cancer and heart disease, and for enthusiasm in the translation of esoteric academic research training into solutions for pressing real-world problems.”

In her current role, Keivani uses deep learning to develop and deploy models that detect cardiac diseases at an earlier stage. She is also the co-founder of the Digital Age Academy Inc., an educational technology initiative that empowers youth for the future of work through online project-based digital workforce and entrepreneurial development programs. In addition, she is a social impact entrepreneur with several years of experience in applying machine learning techniques in different scientific disciplines, education, and business. 

"Azadeh and I have stayed in touch since she earned her PhD at LSU," said LSU Professor Emeritus James Matthews. "Her thesis work in astrophysics was very clever and original. It’s no surprise to me that she was able to apply her abilities in a different field with great success. LSU and our Department attract graduate students of the highest caliber; Azadeh was in the first rank of that group. It was a great pleasure for me to have worked with her."

Each year, APS recognizes outstanding achievement in research, education, and public service. This year’s spring award recipients were selected from hundreds of nominees from across the physics community. APS congratulates them and applauds their dedication to science. The recipients will be recognized at several APS meetings in 2024, including the March Meeting and the April Meeting.

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