Past Physics Block Party

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  • 2016 (Photo gallery)

    LSU-Physics IQ Test (run as a 3-Strikes-You're-Out)
    1st place: Professor Ravi Rau (Selecting an Issac Newton "action figure")
                2nd place: Juhan Frank (Selecting an Albert Einstein action figure)

                3rd place: Graduate student Siddhartha Das (winning a Mr. Spock action figure)

                4th place:  Tied by graduate students Zhichao Xue and Sahil Saini

                Fully - Annotated Questions

    Ping Pong Tournament
    1st →Undergraduates Chris Abadie and Derek Walker
    2nd → Professors Lai Chan and Hwang Lee
    Chess Tournament
                The Chess Tournament was going to be decided by a 3-game match between Kesley Ebbs and (current department Champion)     David Kekejian. Only one game has yet been played, with Kekejian winning a close game. 

    Acceleration Duels
    The grand championship of the Minimum Acceleration duels did not happen, because we ran out of ice cream cones.

  • 2015 (Photo gallery)
  • Block Party Flyer -PDF

  • LSU-Physics GRADs Versus PROFs Challenge

    Professor's Panel: Juhan Frank , Jonathon Dowling, Jim Matthews, & Ravi Rau
    Graduate Student Panel: Sam Kellar, Nick Cannady, Steven Dorsher, David Kekejian
    Winners → the Professors, by a score of 40 to 38 (each Prof won a Tardis Box)
    Questions with answers, commentary, and results

  • Ping Pong Tournament

    1st →Mohammad Saghayezhian and Chen Chen
    2nd → Jon Cripe and D. J. Pleshinger (last year's winners)

  • Acceleration Duels

    1st in Grand Melee → Siddhartha Das (winning an electric screwdriver)
    2nd in Grand Melee → Sahil Saini (winning an electric screwdriver)

  • Chess Tournament

    Department of Physics Champion → David Kekejian

  • 2014
      • Block Party Flyer -PDF
      • LSU-Physics Scavenger Hunt
        • Hunt list of 10 items
        • 1st → Ali Dreyfuss, Noah Morris, and Phil Wall (won Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Obi-wan Kenobi action figures)
        • 2nd → Mario Alegre, Daniel Alegre, and Nicholas Chason (won R2D2 action figure)
        • Original Physics Limerick:
            • There once was a neutral neutrino,
            • who dreamt that he could be a C.E.O.
            • He went off to college 
            • to get some knowledge, 
            • but no one would hire him, though.
            • -By Ali Dreyfuss
      • Ping Pong Tournament
        • 1st →Jon Cripe and D. J. Pleshinger
        • 2nd → Haoyu Qi and Mojammel Khan
      • Acceleration Duels
        • 1st in Individual Duels Double Elimination → Brad Schaefer
        • 2nd in Individual Duels Double Elimination → Noah Davis
        • 1st in Grand Melee → Noah Davis (winning a Lightsaber)
      • Othello Tournament
        • 1st → Anton Joe
        • 2nd → Kelsie Krafton
  • 2013
      • Block Party Flyer - PDF
      • LSU-Physics IQ Test (hosted by Prof. Jonathan Dowling)
        • Test
        • Answers
        • 1st → Juhan Frank (who chose the Spock action figure as his prize)
        • 2nd → Seth Camp (who won the Einstein action figure as his prize)
      • LSU-Physics Scavenger Hunt
        • Hunt list of 10 items


        • 1st → Azadeh Keivani, Kundan Kadam, and Jeffrey Kite (won 3 Big Bang Theory bobble heads)
        • 2nd → Zhichao Xue, Noah Morris, and Amir Shadkam (won 2 Big Bang Theory bobble heads plus one Great Physicist card deck)
      • Ping Pong Tournament
        • 1st → Niladri Sengupta (winner of 2012 tourney) and Shaohao Chen
        • 2nd → Ashkan Balouchi and Roberto Pierini
  • 2012
      • Physics Bingo (6x6 grid filled with department people's names)
      • Tower Race (building a free-standing tower out of toothpicks, gummy bears, and marshmallows, highest tower after 10 minutes wins)
        • 1st → Chris Buchanan
        • 2nd → Juhan Frank
      • LSU-Physics Relay Race
        (Leg 1: move hula hoop down hall with stick; Leg 2: physics question; Leg 3: blow up a 9" balloon to 12.5" and move down hallway in air touching it only with a fork; Leg 4: blow face down cards off table while leaving face-up kings on table.)
      • Ping Pong Tournament
        • 1st → Kaung-shing Chen and Niladri Sengupta
        • 2nd → Shaohao Chen and David Wang (Undergraduate)
  • 2011
      • LSU-Physics Mystery Hunt
      • Masquerade Contest (hosted by Prof. Dowling)
        • 1st → The Chinese Emperor and Concubines
          (Kitty Wang, Yuan Zhang, Wanshu Zhang, Yan Wu, and Shen Feng)
        • 2nd → The "Beat Bama" Bats
          (Juhan Frank and Gina Rossi)
        • 3rd → Snape
          (Bobby Beaird)
      • Ping Pong Tournament
        • 1st → Josh Montminy (winner of the 2009 tourney) and Keith Motes
        • 2nd → Sandeep Pathak (last year's second place) and Valery Rousseau
  • 2010
      • Test
      • Answers
      • Winners of the LSU Physics IQ Test -
        • 1st-Andrew Collazzi (8.3/10)
        • 2nd-Sarah Caudill (7.7/10 → 1st last year)
        • 3rd-Juhan Frank (7.1/10 → 2nd or 3rd place 2007, 2006 and 2005)
      • Winners of the Ping Pong Tournament -
        • 1st-Peter Anisimov & Kuang-shing Chen (Kuang-shing was 1st last year)
        • 2nd-Lai-Him Chan & Sandeep Pathak (Lai was 2nd last year)
      • Mad Scientist Competition Awards still uncertain . . .
  • 2009
      • Test
      • Answers
      • Winners - 1st-Josh Montminy, 2nd-Sarah Caudill, 3rd-Azadeh Keivani
  • 2008
      • Test
      • Answers
      • Winners - 1st-Warren Johnson, 2nd-Sai Vinjamampathy, 3rd-Sarvnipun Chawla
  • 2007
      • Test
      • Answers
      • Winners - 1st-Ravi Rau, 2nd-Luke Smith, 3rd-4th-tie between Juhan Frank and Sarvnipun Chawla
  • 2006
      • Test Answers
      • Winners - 1st-2nd-tie between Ravi Rau and Luke Smith, 3rd-5th-tie between Juhan Frank, Gabriela Gonzalez, and Ravi Kapparapu
  • 2005
      • Test
      • Winners - 1st-Ravi Rau, 2nd-3rd-tie between Luke Smith and Juhan Frank

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