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2016 Block Party Flyer 

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2016 Physics Block Party

LSU-Physics IQ Test (run as a 3-Strikes-You're-Out)

1st place: Professor Ravi Rau (Selecting an Issac Newton "action figure")

2nd place: Juhan Frank (Selecting an Albert Einstein action figure)

3rd place: Graduate student Siddhartha Das (winning a Mr. Spock action figure)

4th place:  Tied by graduate students Zhichao Xue and Sahil Saini

Fully - Annotated Questions

Ping Pong Tournament

1st : Undergraduates Chris Abadie and Derek Walker
2nd: Professors Lai Chan and Hwang Lee

Chess Tournament

The Chess Tournament was going to be decided by a 3-game match between Kesley Ebbs and David Kekejian--current department Champion. Only one game has yet been played, with Kekejian winning a close game. 

Acceleration Duels

The grand championship of the Minimum Acceleration duels did not happen, because we ran out of ice cream cones.