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Donna L. Dittmann
Collections Manager
Section of Genetic Resources, and Museum Preparator
119 Foster Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Telephone: 225-578-2009
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I am originally from San Francisco, CA and have a BA in Zoology from UC Berkeley. Since childhood, birds and birding have been my primary interest and a driving force. During childhood, I volunteered at the California Academy of Sciences, where I garnered my appreciation for museum science and first learned how to prepare specimens. I participated on a LSUMNS expedition to Peru in 1983, became a Research Associate in 1984, and assumed my current position in 1992. I have since participated on LSUMNS expeditions to Bolivia, Panama, Cameroon, as well as many destinations in the US, and have contributed over 8000 prepared specimens to various museums. 


My research interests include genetics, distribution, identification, and molt of birds with emphasis on those species occurring in North America. Some current projects focus on molt of Yellow-footed, Lesser Black-backed, and California gulls, Bridled and Sooty terns, Wilson’s, Band-rumped, and Leach’s storm-petrels; distribution of Louisiana’s pelagic avifauna; and hybridization of large gulls on Louisiana’s Chandeleur Islands. I also enjoy writing and illustrating identification articles (see Although wildlife illustration is principally for personal pleasure, I have also used my designs to benefit conservation; some of my donated designs include the Grand Isle Birding Festival.

Tissue collection & preservation

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Bird distribution

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