For Teachers: Sample 1001 Syllabi

The following syllabi are posted as examples of well-designed English 1001 sections. Please be aware that these syllabi may include older versions of our policies. Click the following links to view the current versions of our outcomes and syllabus policies. Also, note that UWP syllabi may have different requirements than other English department syllabi. 

Sample Syllabus 1 is similar to syllabi used by new GTAs. It utilizes a custom version of Writing Analytically, a text that aligns with the newly revised goals for the course. Major assignments include a visual analysis, an annotated bibliography, a rhetorical analysis and the required issue analysis. This syllabus also includes department policies that should be part of all UWP syllabi, as well as a weekly schedule. 

Sample Syllabus 2 incorporates service learning. It was designed by Corrie Kiesel and uses the texts Reading Rhetorically and Research Matters. The major assignments are a rhetorical analysis, a place or event analysis, a research/service portfolio, and the required issue analysis (the syllabus has details on each assignment).

Sample Syllabus 3 meets all the requirements for 1001. Major assignments include a literacy analysis, rhetorical analysis, annotated bibliography, group presentation, and the required issue analysis.