Independent Study

CMST 3810 Independent Study. (1-3) May be taken for a max. of 3 hrs. of credit on a communication topic not duplicated in regular course offerings. Course may be taken for a max of 6 hrs. of credit in the major.  

CMST 3810 is an independent study course. It is appropriate for a student who learns a little about a topic in a CMST course and wants to pursue that topic in greater depth. The student then approaches the faculty member about his or her willingness to direct an independent study on that topic. CMST independent studies are primarily for students who

  • are CMST majors
  • have demonstrated their ability to pursue independent work
  • can successfully research a topic and write an extended paper about it


  1. Develop a topic/proposal – at least one paragraph description of the topic plus a work plan.
  2. Consult with a faculty member about directing the independent study.
  3. Complete paperwork (also available in 136 Coates).

Note: For an independent study during summer school, students will officially sign up under the Department Chair but the work will be directed by another faculty member.