Headshot of Kent Filbel

Kent  Filbel
Senior Instructor
Undergraduate Advisor

Master's Degree: Oregon State University
Phone: (225) 578-6719

E-mail: kfilli@lsu.edu

Note: Office Hours: MWF 10:30-11:20 MWF 3:30-4:30 T TH 10:00-noon
Office: 135 Coates Hall       

Area of Interest

Ancient Greek Religion and Rhetoric

Gay Spiritualities and Rhetoric

Silent Film Comedy

Awards and Honors

Guest lectured in REL 4050:  A History of God (2015)

Senior Instructor (2014 – present)

Dean Selection Committee, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (2014)

CMST Advisory Committee (2014 – present)

Faculty Appreciation certificate – Sigma Phi Epsilon (2013)


CMST 1150: Introduction to Communication Studies (2)
CMST 2064: Small Group Communication
CMST 3013: Topics In Film Genres:  Camp, Kitsch, and Trash