Dr James Honeycutt 

James  M  Honeycutt 


PhD: University of Illinois (Interpersonal & Communication Theory)
Phone: (225) 578-6676
E-mail: sphone@lsu.edu
Office: 230 Coates Hall 

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James M. Honeycutt is an LSU Distinguished Professor of Communication Studies, lifetime member of the International Communication Association, and winner of numerous research awards. He is currently senior, managing co-editor of the journal, Imagination, Cognition, and Personality. He has shaped research in interdisciplinary fields including communication, psychology, and family studies. He is Founder and Director of the Matchbox Interaction Lab at LSU, internationally known for his work in relationship scripts and mental imagery, particularly imagined interaction conflict-linkage theory which explains why it is hard to forget old arguments. Instead, conflict may fester within the human mind as people imagine retribution that may or may not occur.  

Honeycutt teaches classes at LSU focusing on emotion and communication, physiology, relationships, family dynamics, and imagined interactions. He is a member of a number of social science journal editorial boards. Dr. Honeycutt has lectured throughout the U. S. and Thailand to academics and business groups.  

Selected Awards and Honors

Recipient of the National Communication Association Top Article of the Year Award in Communication Education for “Effects of Imagined Interactions and Rehearsal on Speaking Performance,” 2015 with Charles Choi and Graham Bodie. 

LSU Center for Community Engagement, Learning, & Leadership (CCELL) Award for Excellence in Service Learning, November 10, 2015.

SEC Faculty Exchange Scholar Award, Spring 2014. 

Southern States Communication Theory Outstanding Scholar Award, Louisville, KY, April 2013. 

Recipient of the 2012 BASF Professor of Excellence Award for scholarly achievements and dedication to excellence at LSU. 

Recipient of the 2012 LSU Distinguished Faculty Award in the Humanities and Social.

Sciences recognizing a sustained record of excellence in research, teaching, and service. 

Recipient of the 2011 LSU Senior Scholar Rainmaker Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences for scholarly research. 

Distinguished Book of the Year in 2006 by the social cognition division of the National Communication Association for his book on imagined interactions.

Teaching Interests

My primary teaching interests are in interpersonal communication and in the cognitive processing of information. I focus specifically on intrapersonal communication, physiology, relational, and family communication. I have taught a variety of classes at LSU focusing on evolutionary communication, physiological arousal while communicating, conflict resolution among couples, emotion and communication, relational communication, family dynamics, research methodology, and imagined interactions. I encourage you to consult academia.edu for various syllabi in the past.

Research Interests

My current research interests focus on evolutionary, signal-detection theory in which individuals based on social learning and survival instincts are able or unable to detect cues that conflict is escalating. I am concerned with how people use intrapersonal communication to facilitate productive, communication encounters or use self-fulfilling prophecies that result in less productive communication outcomes. 

Selected Books

Honeycutt, J. M. & Sheldon, P. A. (2018). Scripts and communication for relationship (2nd edition). New York. Peter Lang. 

Honeycutt, J. M. (2018). Communication diversity in families. San Diega, California. Cognela.

Honeycutt, J. M. (2003). Imagined interactions: Daydreaming about communication. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton. (Note, Recipient of the 2006 Distinguished Book Award by the Social Cognition Division of the National Communication Association).

Honeycutt, J. M., Sawyer, C. R., & Keaton, S. A. (2014). The Influence of Communication on Physiology and Health. New York: Peter Lang.

Honeycutt, J. M. (2014). Diversity in Family Communication. San Diego, CA: Cognella. 

Honeycutt, J. M. (2010). Imagine that: Studies in Imagined Interaction. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton.  ISBN: 978-1-57273-829-4

Honeycutt, J. M., & Cantrill, J. G. (2001). Cognition, communication, & romantic relationships. London. Earl Baum. 

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