Dr Ashley mack 

Dr. Ashley Noel Mack

Assistant Professor, Rhetoric & Cultural Studies

Affiliate faculty, Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Affiliate faculty, African & African American Studies

Bachelor's Degree: Arizona State University, Political Science (2007)
Bachelor's Degree: Arizona State University, Women’s & Gender Studies (2007)
Master's Degree: The University of Texas at Austin, Communication Studies (2009)
PhD: The University of Texas at Austin, Communication Studies (2013)

E-mail: ashleymack@lsu.edu

Office: 132 Coates Hall


Curriculum Vitae


I am an assistant professor of rhetoric at Louisiana State University in the Department of Communication Studies and an affiliate faculty member in African & African American Studies as well as Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies.  

I'm a queer feminist who mostly examines how contemporary white Western feminist movements, cultural representations of feminisms, and feminist theories can reinforce problematic systems of domination/hierarchy such as colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalism. Other intersecting interests include: queer/quare theory, decolonial theory, anti-racism, strategic whiteness, new media, violence, gendered violence, publics, performances of self, neoliberalism, and the rhetorical cultivation of affective investment in white supremacy. 


I teach undergraduate classes in argumentation and debate, gender/sexuality and communication, rape culture, feminist/queer theory, rhetoric of social movements, and rhetorical criticism. I teach graduate courses such as feminist and queer critique, rhetoric and ideology, and rhetorical criticism.


Selected Publications

Mack, Ashley Noel, Carli Bershon, Douglas D. Laiche, & Melissa Navarro. “Between Bodies & Institutions: Gendered Violence as Co-Constitutive.” Women’s Studies in Communication Forthcoming (2018). DOI:10.1080/07491409.2018.1463765

Mack, Ashley Noel. Critical Approaches to Motherhood. Oxford Encyclopedia for Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies (August 2018) DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228613.013.579 Link to Article 

Mack, Ashley Noel & Bryan J. McCann. “Critiquing State and Gendered Violence in the Age of #MeToo.” Quarterly Journal of Speech 104:3 (2018): 329-344. DOI: 10.1080/00335630.2018.1479144 Link to Article

Mack, Ashley Noel and Bryan J. McCann, “‘Strictly an Act of Street Violence’: Intimate Publicity and Affective Divestment in the New Orleans Mother’s Day Shooting.” Forthcoming in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies (2017). Link to article.  

Mack, Ashley Noel. “The Self-Made Mom: Neoliberalism and Masochistic Motherhood in Home Birth Videos on YouTube.” Women’s Studies in Communication 39:1 (February 2016): 47-68. Link to Article 

Castillo, Ryan & Ashley N. Mack. “Isn’t that Bromantic? Rearticulating Male Emotionality in Hollywood’s BromCom Film.” In Gender in a Transitional Era, Amanda R. Martinez & Lucy J. Miller, eds. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2014) 

Mack, Ashley Noel. “Destabilizing Science From the Right: The Rhetoric of Heterosexual Victimhood in the World Health Organization’s 2008 HIV/AIDS Controversy.” Journal of Homosexuality 60:8 (August 2013): 1164-1180.  Link to Article 

Mack, Ashley Noel. “On Drawing Knives and Experience: The Rise of the Ekphrastic Text in Bravo’s Top Chef.” In The Politics of Style and The Style of Politics, Barry Brummett, ed (Lanham, M : Lexington Books, 2011). Link to Article