Scheduling and Use of the HopKins Black Box: 137 Coates Hall

A. Priority for use of the HopKins Black Box (HBB) is as follows:

  1. Performance studies classes claim first priority
  2. Public performances of HBB shows
  3. Rehearsals for HBB shows
  4. Rehearsals for performance studies classes
  5. Outside performance studies - inside CMST department use
  6. Outside CMST department use

B. One exception to point A above concerns the tech week and run of a HBB show. One week prior to a shows opening, the physical and technical needs of the show claim priority. Although classes and other rehearsals may continue to meet in the space, faculty and students are asked to retain the physical and technical set-up of the show.

C. Time is reserved in the HBB as follows:

  1. Classes are scheduled by the Department of Communication Studies.
  2. Show dates are scheduled by the HBB Advisory Board in cooperation with the directors.
  3. Rehearsals for shows are scheduled by the HBB in cooperation with the directors.
  4. Rehearsals for classes are scheduled by the course instructors.
  5. All outside use is scheduled through the HBB Manager.

D. All reservations are noted on a calendar that hangs in the HBB. The HBB Manager maintains the calendar for all reservations save point C.4. above. Rehearsals for classes are noted on the calendar by the course instructors.

E. Keys to the HBB are held by those who teach in the space, the HBB Manager and, for the rehearsals and runs of their shows, the directors. For class rehearsals, students should arrange access through their instructor. All others should contact the HBB Manager.

F. Those responsible for maintaining a safe, clean, and useful space are:

  1. Each instructor for her/his class use, which includes class-related rehearsals
  2. Each director for her/his rehearsals, tech, and run
  3. Any other group inside or outside the CMST department for their use

Note: on a rotating basis, those who teach in the HBB are assigned additional custodial responsibilities by the HBB Manager. Assigned dates are posted on the calendar.

G. To maintain a safe space, the responsible party is expected to abide by the following rules:

  1. Never leave the space unlocked and unattended.
  2. After use, check to be sure all five doors are locked.
  3. In any arrangement of the space, both fire doors must be physically accessible and at least one fire door visually accessible.
  4. In any arrangement of the space, there must be safe access to seats on all riser levels, and the top-most riser must have a back-stop.
  5. Free-standing flats, screens, and other tall objects must be anchored with sandbags.
  6. No one may climb ladders without a spotter or the scaffold without someone present.
  7. No one may use any of the A-V electrical systems or the power tools without training.
  8. Shut off, unplug, cover and, as applicable, return all electrical equipment to its proper and locked storage area after use.
  9. Properly re-store any inventory you may use.
  10. Know where the phone, first-aid, and fire extinguisher are located.
  11. Acquaint yourself with how the fire extinguisher works.
  12. Wear a nose-mouth mask when using toxic products.
  13. Do not work in the space alone; do not allow students to work in the space alone.
  14. After dark, make sure (verbally confirm) that all individuals have a safe passage to their home or vehicle; use the buddy system.

H. To maintain a clean space, the responsible party is expected to abide by the following rules:

  1. Pick up and dispose of all trash after every class or rehearsal.
  2. If the trash can is full, empty it in the dumpster outside Coates Hall.
  3. If the floor or any other item becomes dirty, wet, or marked on, clean it right away.
  4. In class and rehearsals, do not use the audience chairs and benches. Do not use the black curtains/masking for anything other than their intended purpose.
  5. Properly store all equipment, tools, and rehearsal/show items after every use.
  6. Arrange the space for subsequent class or rehearsal use: put the chairs in rows on the risers; free the playing area from clutter; and properly store all platforms, flats, and rehearsal blocks.
  7. If you use the Green Room in any way, make sure it is clean and tidy when you leave.
  8. Directors must conduct a complete strike of their show on the night or day it closes. For details, see the HBB Directors Handbook.

I. According to LSU policy, smoking and the consumption of alcohol are not permitted in the HopKins Black Box.