Proposal to Direct

Submit email or hard copy to Hal Lambert

Before you submit your proposal, please read the HopKins Black Box Directors Handbook to gain a full understanding of your responsibilities should your proposal be accepted. The handbook is available from Tracy Shaffer.

In your proposal, please address the following points:

  • Contact Information
    • Your name, address, work and home phone numbers, and email address
  • Description of the Show or Project
    • Title of the show or project
    • Concise synopsis of the show and guiding concepts that inform it
      Note: works-in-progress, workshops, interactive events, installations are fully acceptable
    • As relevant, concise synopsis of the text(s) or other source materials you will draw on
    • Estimation of technical requirements, including set, lights, sound, slides, video, other media
    • Estimated cast size
    • As pertinent, indication of your process to secure permission to use copyrighted material(s) i.e., typically, texts published in the last 75 years
    • A brief (50 word or less) ad copy we can use to announce your show in the annual calendar mailed out in the fall
  • Academic Status
    • Indicate your major area of study/affiliated department
    • Indicate your academic year e.g., faculty, PhD or MA graduate student, or undergraduate and year, e.g., senior
    • Indicate if you will seek credit for the project i.e., practicum(s) or Independent Study
    • Indicate if you currently have any academic incompletes or are on academic probation (Your response will be kept confidential.)
  • Past Experience
    Please include a select listing of any directing or performing experience you have had at LSU or elsewhere. Include the title, location, and date of:
    • Shows you have directed
    • Shows in which you have been a cast member
    • Performance courses you have taken
    • Any other performance-related experience
    • Technical experience; and an indication of tech for which you anticipate needed training
  • Schedule Preferences
    • Indicate a FALL or SPRING semester preference
    • Indicate a first, second, and third preference re: EARLY in the semester, MIDDLE of the semester, or LATE in the semester
    • Indicate any SPECIFIC dates you would like to request and why
    • Indicate if you would like your show to run longer or shorter than our average 5 day run
  • Fill out and turn in a directors contract with your proposal