Advisory Board

Established in fall 1996, the HopKins Black Box (HBB) Advisory Board is a decision-making body. It meets to address past, present, and potential issues regarding the facility and the public performances that occur there. Board members understand that they represent the Department of Communication Studies and, particularly, the faculty and students who concentrate in the area of performance studies. They undertake to make decisions that are in the best interests of these communities, and aim to be efficient, creative, consistent yet flexible, and fair in the decisions they make and activate.

The board consists of six members: A performance studies faculty member, the HBB manager, one undergraduate and three graduate students. The graduate student component is comprised of a M.A. and Ph.D. student and an ABD instructor. Both full and part time students may sit on the board.

Typically, students volunteer to serve for a full academic year. If there is a favorable consensus among performance studies students, individuals may serve longer.

The board meets two to four times during each of the fall and spring semesters. Although the roles and responsibilities of the members vary from year to year, typically the faculty representative or the HBB manager sets the agenda, and the manager serves as secretary.

Consistently, the most important decision the board makes is the selection and scheduling of events for the upcoming season. Proposals to Direct from both faculty and students are accepted and reviewed by the board in mid April of each year; guest artists are contracted; and a schedule generated.