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Director of LSU Ethics Institute

Dr. Deborah Goldgaber
Associate Professor, Philosophy
Office: 208A Coates Hall
Phone: 225-578-7399

Deborah Goldgaber received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Northwestern University in 2014, following an M.A. in Philosophy from the New School for Social Research (NYC). She also holds a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Vanderbilt University.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Goldgaber's teaching focuses on contemporary Continental philosophy, feminist philosophy and critical theory. She also has teaching interests in ethics and social cognition, particularly in areas of cognitive bias and the epistemology of ignorance. She is the Director of the LSU Ethics Institute. 

Her current research divides into three streams:

  1. the significance of Derridean deconstruction (particularly grammatology) for issues in continental metaphysics and materialisms;
  2. the various ways that feminist philosophy motivates us to rethink the distinction between nature/culture; and 3) the role of asceticism in critical theory.

Anthony smiling and looking at viewer

Associate Director of LSU Ethics Institute

Dr. Anthony Kelley
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Office: 210 Coates Hall

Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder
M.A., Northern Illinois University
B.A., Columbia University 

Anthony Kelley is the Associate Director of the Ethics Institute at LSU. He joined the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies in the fall of 2022. He specializes in theoretical and practical ethics and teaches a wide range of courses on topics such as the ethics of emerging technologies and the philosophy of games. He manages the Institute’s environmental justice portfolio. 

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Michael J. Ardoline
Post Doctoral Researcher
Office: 208 Coates Hall

Ph.D., University of Memphis, 2021, Philosophy
M.A., Kingston University and Paris 8, Contemporary European Philosophy
M.A., West Chester University, Philosophy
B.S., Lebanon Valley College, Physics

Michael Ardoline is the Post Doctoral Researcher for the LSU Ethics Institute’s “Embedded Ethics in STEM @LSU” project. For this project, he helps develop Embedded Ethics modules for STEM courses. This work involves synthesizing applied ethics, philosophy of technology, and course-specific content into self-contained, open-source ethics lesson plans for STEM courses.

Dr. Ardoline received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Memphis in 2021. His main research is in metaphysics, continental philosophy, and the philosophy of physics and mathematics. He has published articles on the epistemology of natural laws, Deleuze and Guattari’s metaphysics, and comparative philosophy between the continental and Confucian traditions. His first book, Deleuze, Mathematics, Metaphysics: Difference and Necessity, is forthcoming from Edinburgh University Press.

Dr. Ardoline also teaches courses in the Philosophy department at LSU, including History of Modern Philosophy, Introduction to Philosophy, and Buddhist Philosophy.


Mfon-Abasi Obong
Graduate Student

Mfon-Abasi Obong is a Costume Designer and Technologist. She received her MFA in Costume Design and Technology from the University of Virginia (UVa)in 2017 and her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University with a BA in Theater, concentrating in Costume Design in 2014.

Mfon-Abasi enjoys telling stories through costumes and mentoring students on their theatrical costume designs. She has designed costumes in both regional and educational theatre settings, and she was also a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Georgia, serving as a Co-English Teacher in a public school. She is a member of the International Textiles and Apparel Association (ITAA), the Costume Society of America, and the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT).

She is a Ph.D. candidate in Textile, Apparel, and Merchandising, with a concentration in Historical/Cultural Textiles and Apparel. Her research interest focuses on West African textiles and the social-psychological aspects of dress. Her goal for this program is to develop various research methodologies and apply the skills to conduct research for organizations.


Kimberly Fritz 
Coordinator of Office Operations
Office: 102 Coates Hall
Phone: 225-578-2220