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The LSU Ethics Institute is the center of research, teaching, and training in the domain of ethics and human values.

Check out the amazing Embedded Ethics Modules developed with our LSU Ethics Institute faculty affiliates.  Thanks to a generous grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents we worked with 10 STEM faculty from across the University to bring moral reasoning to their classrooms!


Joanna Wuest

Joanna Wuest (Holyoke) will be giving a talk on Feb 26 Monday at Hill Memorial Library at 3:30pm. Her talk will be:  "Born This Way Science, Citizenship, and Inequality in the American LGBTQ+ Movement." The event is co-sponsor by Biology, English, History, The LSU Ethics Institute, Philosophy and Political Science Department. (Refreshments will be served).

Current  Projects


Embedding Ethics in STEM @ LSU

Over the course of the 2022-2023 academic year, The Ethics Institute has been very actively engaged in convening a group of scholars from various disciplines on campus to produce operative tools to strengthen ethics pedagogy throughout the university. This work has included consultation and dialogue with Ethics consortiums from around the country.

Learn more about the project and the modules.


You may submit requests for specific topics at The LSU Library has compiled an annotated bibliography of interesting and useful books on ethics, at the following site:

LSU History Department and the LSU Ethics Institute Fall 2023 Lecture Series: Race, History, and Medicine, read the Lecture Series announcement.

November 6 at 4:00 pm in French House Sternberg Salon, Ogden Honors College. Speaker: Dr. Adolph Reed, Jr. (U Penn emeritus), contributing editor for The New Republic and frequent contributor to The Progressive and The Nation. Learn more about the Nov. 6 Event.

Friday October 27 at 3:30 pm in Hill Memorial Library. Speaker: Kathryn Olivarius, Necropolis: Disease, Power and Capitalism in the Cotton Kingdom. Learn more about the Oct. 27 Event.

Monday October 23 at 3:30 pm in Hill Memorial Library. Speaker: Kevin McQueeney, A City Without Care: 300 Years of Racism, Health Disparities and Health Care Activism in New Orleans. Learn more about the Oct.23 Event.

COVID-19 in Louisiana

Andrea Gallo (The Advocate): Louisiana Hospital's Crisis Response

Ethics & Crisis Management in Louisiana: Summary

Louisiana Department of Health: State Hospital Crisis Standards of Care

Medical Ethics

Hastings Center: Ethical Framework for Health Care

Hastings Center: Bioethics and Governmental Responsibility

STAT News: Research Ethics in a Pandemic

Johns Hopkins: Ethics and Policy Insights for COVID-19

Journal of Clinical Ethics: The JCE has compiled a set of articles on Catastrophic Care. They are open for public access. On the front page of the website is a box entitled "JCE Special Publication." At the bottom of the box there is a link to access the document.

New England Journal of Medicine: Fair Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources

Scott Hershovitz (New York Times): Rationing Essential Care: You Can Save One Person or Five, but Not All Six

The Ethics of Recovery

MIT: Stronger Pandemic Response Yields Better Economic Recovery

New York Times: Restarting America

Paul Franks (The Conversation): Comparing Nordic Strategies for COVID-19

Bernardo Kliksberg (BBVA): Re-Examining the Relationship Between Ethics and the Economy

Personal and Social Ethics

Laura Marris (New York Times): Camus's Inoculation Against Hate

Sean Illing (Vox): Social Solidarity

Sean Illing (Vox): Camus and the Plague

Allain de Botton (New York Times): Camus on the Coronavirus

TIME Magazine: Common Moral Questions Around Coronavirus

Orhan Pamuk (New York Times): What the Great Pandemic Novels Teach Us

Michiko Kakutani (New York Times): Coronavirus Notebook: Finding Solace, and Connection, in Classic Books

Robert Zaretsky (TLS): Out of a Clear Blue Sky: Camus's The Plague and Coronavirus


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