Environmental Justice

The Environmental Justice Working Group @ LSU (EJWG) brings together scholars and researchers across LSU with deep knowledge of historical patterns of inequality—particularly the distribution of environmental burdens and economic benefits--in the United States and the Gulf South.  Our research collaborations seek to operationalize notions of distributional and reparative justice in ways that center vulnerable communities, and provide effective frameworks to assess and evaluate community benefits in collaboration with affected communities.

Staff Affiliates 

Deborah Godgaber

Director of LSU Ethics Institute

Dr. Deborah Goldgaber

Specialty Areas: Distributive justice, environmental justice, ethical conduct of research

Anthony Kelley

Associate Director of LSU Ethics Institute

Dr. Anthony Kelley

Specialty Areas: Theoretical and practical ethics, the ethics of emerging technologies and the philosophy of games.

Britney Cook

Dr. Brittany Cook

Specialty Areas: sustainable development politics, international agricultural geopolitics, organic agriculture, food sovereignty, environmental justice policy & mapping.

Sarah Franzen

Dr. Sarah Franzen

Specialty Areas: food systems, sustainable agriculture, agroecology, food justice.

 Roy Heidelberg


Dr. Roy L Heidelberg

Teaching Interests: public administration theory and history, public policy, political theory, bureaucracy.

Research Interests: accountability, administrative state, public participation, statecraft, and democracy.

Anurag Mandalika

Dr. Anurag Mandalika

Specialty areas: agriculture, biomass, bioenergy, and biofuels, carbon sequestration, environmental justice

Sophie Moore

Dr. Sophie Moore

Specialty Areas: Environmental Justice, Political Ecology, Human Geography, Environmental Humanities, the Caribbean and Gulf Coast.

Kevin Smiley


Dr. Kevin T. Smiley

Specialty Areas: disasters, climate change, environmental justice, geospatial methodologies