Artificial Intelligence Working Group

About the Group

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group was founded in 2020 when the Ethics Institute partnered with Dr. Hartmut Kaiser and his STE||AR group at the LSU Center for Computation and Technology (CCT). These two groups have applied for two grants together and collaborated on an AI colloquia series featuring prominent ethicists. 

Related Events

Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence Research and Optimization

Fall 2021: Beyond Bias: Algorithmic Unfairness, Infrastructure, and Genealogies of Data - Wednesday, December 1st, Zoom

  • Dr. Alex Hanna (Ethical AI Team at Google)

Spring 2020: Algorithmic Justice and AI Ethics  -- Wednesday, May 26th, Zoom

  • Dr. MIchael Kearns (UPenn): The Ethical Algorithm
  • Dr. Safiya Noble (UCLA): New paradigms of justice: How we can respond to the information crisis
  • Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh (University of Vienna): Algorithmic Bias and Responsibility: Who, When, To Whom?