Pedagogical Resources

We invite you to navigate a number of pedagogical resources addressing numerous issues from an ethical lens. You may submit requests for specific topics at

COVID-19 in Louisiana

Andrea Gallo (The Advocate): Louisiana Hospital's Crisis Response

Ethics & Crisis Management in Louisiana: Summary

Louisiana Department of Health: State Hospital Crisis Standards of Care

Medical Ethics

Hastings Center: Ethical Framework for Health Care

Hastings Center: Bioethics and Governmental Responsibility

STAT News: Research Ethics in a Pandemic

Johns Hopkins: Ethics and Policy Insights for COVID-19

Journal of Clinical Ethics: The JCE has compiled a set of articles on Catastrophic Care. They are open for public access. On the front page of the website is a box entitled "JCE Special Publication." At the bottom of the box there is a link to access the document.

New England Journal of Medicine: Fair Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources

Scott Hershovitz (New York Times): Rationing Essential Care: You Can Save One Person or Five, but Not All Six

The Ethics of Recovery

MIT: Stronger Pandemic Response Yields Better Economic Recovery

New York Times: Restarting America

Paul Franks (The Conversation): Comparing Nordic Strategies for COVID-19

Bernardo Kliksberg (BBVA): Re-Examining the Relationship Between Ethics and the Economy

Personal and Social Ethics

Laura Marris (New York Times): Camus's Inoculation Against Hate

Amanda Achtman: Camus and the Plague

Sean Illing (Vox): Social Solidarity

Sean Illing (Vox): Camus and the Plague

Allain de Botton (New York Times): Camus on the Coronavirus

TIME Magazine: Common Moral Questions Around Coronavirus

Orhan Pamuk (New York Times): What the Great Pandemic Novels Teach Us

Michiko Kakutani (New York Times): Coronavirus Notebook: Finding Solace, and Connection, in Classic Books

Robert Zaretsky (TLS): Out of a Clear Blue Sky: Camus's The Plague and Coronavirus

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