LSU Ethics Institute Film Series Recap

On November 7, 2019, the LSU Ethics Institute hosted its first film in this series, Untouchable, a documentary that won a Tribeca Jury Award and the Albert Maysles New Documentary Director Award (David Feige for Untouchable-USA). As the award jury commented: "This film open our eyes to the suffering of people on both sides of a controversial fence. Made with compassion for all of its subjects, the film is a fascinating look into how laws are created with the best of intentions, but enforced in problematic and sometimes destructive ways."

Over 100 students and faculty viewed the film.  Some of the student comments afterwards included the following:

“The video opened my eyes to an issue I didn’t know existed.”

“This film focuses on the sex offender registry, why it was started, how it impacts both victims and predators.  And it covers many shortfalls.” 

“I think that the use of the term “sex offender” for many different types of sex-related crimes . . . is missing the point.  There should be a larger focus on mandatory therapy, especially for violent sex offenders.”

There will be a second showing early next semester.  Look for the announced date, time, and place on this website.