Advisory Board


Dr. Fereydoun Aghazadeh

Georgia Gulf Distinguished Professor of Engineering Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

College of Engineering


Dr. Margaret DeFleur

Doris Westmoreland Darden Professor

Associate Graduate Dean

Manship School of Mass Communications


Dr. Raff Donelson, J. D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

and Paul M. Hebert Law Center


Dr. Kristin Gansle


Director of Graduate Studies

School of Education


Dr. Wayne Newhauser

Dr. Charles M. Smith Chair in Medical Physics

Department of Physics and Astronomy

College of Science


Dr. Arthur Penn


Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences

School of Veterinary Medicine


Dr. Francois Raffoul


Department of Philosophy and French Studies

College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Dr. Margaret Reams

Department of Environmental Sciences

College of the Coast and Environment


Dr. Greg Schufreider, (Ex Officio)

Professor and Chair

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Miriam Segar

Senior Associate Athletic Director/Senior Women's Administrator

LSU Athletic Department


Dr. Cecil L. Eubanks, (Board Chair)

Alumni Professor

Department of Political Science

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Director, LSU Ethics Institute