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The Petroleum Engineering Research & Technology Transfer, or PERTT, Laboratory - also commonly referred to as the "Well Facility" - is an industrial-scale facility with full-scale equipment and instrumentation for conducting training and research related to borehole technology.

LSU is the only university in North America where future petroleum engineers can get hands-on training in well control by working at a full-scale well control research and training facility.

"We believe it's a really important and unique resource that we have here at LSU. We're the only school in the United States that offers and requires hands-on training in well control and understanding hydrostatics and pressure control in wells using actual wells." - John Rogers Smith, Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering

"Being from Ohio, I wanted to pick a school that was surrounded by the petroleum industry", said LSU petroleum engineering student Candice Miller. "I chose LSU because the industry recruits heavily from LSU and because we are the only school that has a full functioning well facility."