Waltrich's Research Featured on Cover of JPT Magazine

JPT Cover articlePaulo WaltrichThe research work on Liquid-Assisted Gas-Lift (LAGL) of Associate Professor Dr. Paulo Waltrich was featured on the cover article for the May 2021 issue of the Journal of Petroleum (JPT) Magazine. The JPT magazine is one of the most prestigious magazines for the oil and gas industry, which is published by SPE. 

Dr. Waltrich has been working together with his graduates and PERTT lab personnel for almost 10 years to develop this technology, which was started under a research project sponsored by Shell at LSU. Dr. Waltrich together with other experienced professionals from the oil and gas industry has also founded a company called Lift Well International (LWI), which is commercializing the LAGL technology. 

To read more about this article and the LAGL technology, follow this link to access the full JPT article.