SPE Hosts Internal Paper Contest

contest participants

On Sat, January 29, Pi Epsilon Tau sponsored and SPE hosted the Internal Student Paper contest in Patrick F Taylor Hall. The contest winners included the following students:

Tied for 1st place Doctorate Division: Dayo Afekare and Andreas Michael

Tied for 3rd place Doctorate Division: Giuseppe Feo and Chen Wei

1st place Masters Division: Makuachukwu Mbaegu

1st place Undergraduate Division: Cory Lautenschlager

The judges traveled from as far away as Houston, Texas to participate in the adjudication of the contest.  We would like to thank our judges for their time and dedication to the advancement of these students' education.

The contest winners have advanced to the SPE Regional Student Paper Contest, which will be hosted at LSU on Saturday, March 7 in Patrick F Taylor Hall.  Participants from the Eastern North America Region will travel from universities such as Penn State, Ohio State University, and Saint Francis University to participate in the contest.