LSU PERTT has surgery, stable and in recovery


In anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday, the LSU PERTT Well Facility had major “surgery” and the prognosis is excellent. Not unlike coronary arteries clogged by decades of cholesterol buildup, the iconic flare pipeline of the facility suffered from years of testing buildup. You may recognize the 100-foot-tall flare and derrick as a key visual feature on LSU’s horizon near Alex Box Stadium. The flare line is used to burn off natural gas utilized in the research, teaching, and testing performed as part of the Craft and Hawkins Petroleum engineering program.

The clogged line had reached the end of its useful life and needed replacement. The complex procedure benefited from the years of construction expertise of PERTT Operations Manager Chris Carver. As “chief surgeon”, Chris managed and coordinated a team of a dozen student workers in concert with a 75-ton crane. The entire procedure took 3 weeks of planning and preparation and about 8 hours to execute. Full-scale hands-on experiences like these are part of what makes Petroleum Engineering at LSU unique and engaging. The outcome is bright; PERTT’s flare will be burning strong as it is returned to full operation. GEAUX LSU PERTT Lab Tigers!