Taminco Provides Collaborative Environment for LSU Engineering's Contemporary Students


Today, a college student’s education involves more than taking a professor’s lecture notes in a classroom. LSU’s engineering, computer science and construction management students engage in industry-oriented collaboration on Capstone design projects and team assignments. Thanks to a $150,000 gift commitment from Taminco, more than 4,000 LSU College of Engineering students annually will use an interdisciplinary study environment to enhance their education.

“Taminco is excited to partner with LSU and we believe this collaborative space perfectly embodies the ideals of our company culture and working environment; the ‘Taminco Touch’,” said Tim Harris, site manager, Taminco – St. Gabriel.

The new student-centered space will improve the student experience by providing a state-of-the-art environment on campus where they can work on team projects, meet informally and collaborate with peers using computer driven interactive touch screens.

“Thanks to Taminco's generosity, we will significantly expand and provide enhanced, student-focused workspace,” said Warren Waggenspack, Associate Dean for Academic Programs, College of Engineering. “Providing our students with a collaborative environment for team project experience is key to preparing them for success following graduation.”

As part of the planned renovation and expansion of engineering facilities, the new space funded by Taminco is a critical component of LSU College of Engineering’s commitment to provide much-needed student-centered resources as graduates transition to an industry environment.

“The convenient location for a new student space with accessible technology will be so important for us to work on senior design projects,” said Karl Schulze, mechanical engineering sophomore.

“Right now we don’t have a space available to work together so we have to find an empty classroom or work on team projects in the hallway,” said Jordan Earls, computer science sophomore. “Thanks to Taminco’s gift, we are excited to have an outstanding space to work on our education.”

Construction on the renovation and expansion of Patrick F. Taylor Hall is slated to begin in the fall of 2014, with an estimated completion scheduled for fall 2017. With the renovation, as well as the addition of a new chemical engineering structure, the total amount of academic space for the LSU College of Engineering impacted by this project is 380,000 square feet. Updated facilities, combined with the quality education already offered at LSU, will provide students more practical, hands-on experience to better prepare them to enter the global marketplace.

About Taminco Corporation

Taminco is the world's largest integrated producer of alkylamines and alkylamine derivatives. Our products are used by customers in the manufacture of a diverse array of products for the agriculture, water treatment, personal & home care, animal nutrition and oil & gas end-markets. Our products provide these goods with a variety of ancillary characteristics required for optimal performance. We currently employ about 850 people and operate in 19 countries with seven production facilities in the US, Europe and Asia.

About Louisiana State University’s College of Engineering

Founded in 1908, the LSU College of Engineering offers eleven undergraduate degree programs and confers approximately 650 bachelor’s degrees per year, ranking it in the top 10 percent nationally for graduates. In 2013, it became the largest academic college in the LSU System and the fifth fastest growing engineering college in the nation. One hundred and thirty five faculty members engage in education, research, and commercialization with a strategic focus on research indigenous to Louisiana: energy and environmental sustainability, and natural and built infrastructure.

For more information about LSU's College of Engineering visit www.eng.lsu.edu


Mimi LaValle
LSU College of Engineering