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How To Submit a Project

Sponsoring a Capstone Design Project at LSU is an opportunity for corporate sponsors to project the name and brand of their organization to the LSU engineering students and observe them in action while enabling a real-world, design experience that shapes them into higher quality engineers and perspective employees. Private sponsors will have the opportunity to have their project ideas engineered and realized at prototype level as well as benefiting the students as indicated above.

Submission Link and Target Dates:

The link for on-line Capstone Design Project submission is given below, the submission target date is August 15 every year. After filling out the on-line form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail at your indicated address.

Important Note on Submission:

A $1,000 contribution is called for on the form in addition to the cost of the project; the perspective sponsor commits to this as well. This is invoiced separately after the project has been selected by the students and has been assigned to a Capstone team.

Submit a Project to The Capstone Design Program


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