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Project Selection and Assignment

Within a week after the submission target date, the projects submitted are reviewed by the Capstone Program instructors for appropriateness of scope and budget. If their project qualifies, perspective sponsors will be invited to the Capstone Design Fair where they can present their project directly to the students and answer questions. If perspective sponsors are unable to physically attend, it may be possible for them to present remotely. The students are issued a booklet with all the project information perspective sponsors have provided.

A project selection and assignment process follows the Capstone Design Fair whereby the students are surveyed to indicate their project preferences and provide information essential to the team building process.

Within a few days from the end of the Capstone Design Fair, perspective sponsors will be notified if their project has been assigned to a student team. In such case the team member contact information will be provided to the sponsors and the team will be asked to engage them or their designated liaison. Interaction with the sponsor during the design process is essential, especially during the early stages, and usually saves the sponsor and the student team time in the long run.

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