Research Funding 

Active Grants

NSF 1527435 AF: Small: Compact data structures for string matching and retrieval. $225,787; 06/2015-05/2018, PI: S Kundu, Former PI: R Shah.

NSF 1463807 CSEDI Collaborative: Understanding the nature of water and melt transport between the transition zone and the lower mantle combining mineral physics and seismology. $20,092; 05/2015-04/2016, PI: BB Karki.

IBM Faculty Award: $10,000; 2015, PI: SJ Park.

IBM Faculty Award: $25,000; 2015, PI: C Whaley.

LA BoR: Many-thread (GPU) and many-core (MIC) accelerator equipment for research and instruction on next-generation graphics and scientific simulation. $106,380; 06/2015-06/2016; Co-PI: R Kooima, PI: D Koppelman.

LA BoR: Digital media arts and engineering lab. $75,297; 06/2015-06/2016; Co-PI: R Kooima, PI: M Aubanel.

LEQSF (2015-18)-RD-A-07:  A text analysis paradigm for enhancing software developers’ productivity. $150,000; 06/2015-06/2018, PI: A Mahmoud.

LEQSF (2015-18)-RD-A-11: A study of very short bottlenecks: understanding and reducing latency long-tail problem of n-tier web applications in cloud. $169,749; 06/2015-06/2018, PI: Q Wang.

LEQSF (2014-17)-RD-A-01: Research on performance optimization and system integration of cloud storage in mobile computing. $159,127; 06/2014-06/2017, PI: F Chen.

BoR Pfund: Experimental studies on exploring mobile storage performance for user experience. $10,000; 10/2014-09/2015; PI: F Chen.

Intel Grant: Enhancing user experience with cloud storage in sub-optimal environments. $50,000; 10/2014-09/2015, PI: F Chen.

NSF CAREER: Flashing up data centers: An orchestrated design for flash-based distributed storage systems. $540,000; 02/2015-01/2020, PI: F Chen.

NSF EAR-1426580: First-principles molecular dynamics simulations of silicate liquids: Structure, diffusion and viscosity at mantle conditions.  $359,999; 08/14-07/17, PI: BB Karki.

NSF CCF-1320835: Foundations of transactional memory scheduling.  $365,897; 09/13-08/16, PI: K Busch.

NSF CAREER: Empirical tunring for extreme scale. $583,145; 03/12-03/17, PI: C Whaley.

NSF CCF-1218904: Space-efficient frameworks for multi-pattern matching in text streams,  $184,261; 09/12-08/15, PI: R Shah.

NSF MRI-1126739: Development of melete: an interaction-oriented, software-rich compute cluster with tangible interface support for collaborative research and the classroom. $900,000; 09/11-08/15, PI: B Ullmer, co-PIs: S Brenner, L Butler, M Batzer, R Parker.

NSF CC-NIE Integration (1341008): Bridging, transferring and analyzing big data over 10 Gbps campus-wide software defined networks. $947,860; 9/2013-8/2015; Lead-PI: SJ Park, Co-PIs: Tohline, Kousoulas, Leger and Robbins.