Seminar: Software Engineering: Heart and Mind Paired Together

10:30 am
Tuesday October 24th, 2023
Room 3107
Patrick F. Taylor Hall




We are living in an increasingly VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – world where technology is all pervasive and advancing at unprecedented rates that our laws cannot keep up with. Industries are racing to adopt the latest technologies to drive economic growth while facing growing societal concerns around the need to address ethics, human diversity, and sustainability. What is our role as technology researchers and educators in the tech-driven woke new world? In this talk, Rashina will share her research and experiences in software engineering spanning around two decades that have emulsified toward championing a socio-technical approach to software engineering – one that combines the heart and the mind, to produce the next generation of software engineers, processes, and solutions that are technically innovative, economically profitable, and socially responsible. She will share examples from her research and education experiences to illustrate how our role as technology researchers and educators is evolving to become vital voices of credible evidence and driving forces of responsible innovation and social impact in the future.

Rashina Hoda

Rashina Hoda
Monash University