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A major responsibility of the Consortium for Innovation in Manufacturing and Materials (CIMM) includes educational outreach opportunities to propagate the benefits of advanced manufacturing research. Responsibilities of the Consortium include: 

Speaking of Science (SoS)

Community and Technical College Training: 

Group of instructors in classroom

The proposal calls for the training of two-year college faculty and students. CIMM will interactively work with community college faculty to spark interest among two-year college students in STEM careers. Specifically, a two-week summer program entitled “Engineering Experiences for Faculty Workshop” (EEFW) will be developed and offered to STEM teachers from selected two-year colleges.

In 2016, CIMM researchers donated a 3D printer and filaments to Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) and provided training. BRCC STEM faculty will utilize this equipment to print out molecules, plants, animals, structures, models, etc. to enhance the students learning experience and prepare them for manufacturing related jobs.

REU Programs: 

Undergraduates at two- and four-year institutions will participate in nine-week summer REU programs focused on advanced manufacturing at CIMM institutions: Louisiana State University (LSU), Louisiana Tech University (La Tech), and Southern University at Baton Rouge (SUBR).

Development of Undergraduate and Graduate Curricula:

CIMM faculty will develop a set of course modules in manufacturing, advanced experimental and computational techniques, and ICME. Leveraging the LONI network and the high definition (HD) video capabilities acquired through LA-SiGMA, these course modules will be integrated into undergraduate and graduate curricula.

So far, in 2016, CIMM researchers have developed modules in advanced materials analysis, advanced microelectronics, materials science and engineering, virtual manufacturing for 3D printing, quantum mechanics, and molecular dynamics.

Hiring and Mentoring of Early Career Faculty:

The long-term sustainability of CIMM is intimately linked to successful and strategic new faculty hires. CIMM will recruit faculty with manufacturing related expertise, as detailed in the “team expertise” sections, and provide additional support through access to CIMM infrastructure and graduate students.

Academic Partners:

LSU, Southern, Grambling, LaTech, UNO

Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired (LSVI)

CIMM researchers have donated a 3D printer and training on Solidworks 3D software, which has permitted LSVI staff to custom design 3D pieces that fit a unique purpose for the curriculum of their students. Students and researchers have participated in monthly extracurricular activities featuring 3D printed shapes, lessons on metal stress fatigue, and designing rocket and launching apparatus.

CIMM goes into the Community to educate school children about science and education topics. See below for photos from recent outreach events.

Two students listening to presentrationmentor interacting with studentman assisting two students with projectmentor assisting child with project

mentor assisting two children with projectstudents sitting together at tablementor sitting with child at tablechildren listening to presentation

three students working together on project