Chris Arges & Research Group Published in ACS Applied Energy Materials


Professor Arges and his research group published a review article in ACS Applied Energy Materials. The article highlights the recent fundamental discoveries made in anion exchange membrane (AEM) materials, from a chemical design perspective, that have fueled alkaline membrane fuel cells with power densities greater than 1 W cm-2. Today, there are several AEMs with hydroxide ion conductivity values over 100 mS cm-1 and that show alkaline stability in 1 M potassium (or sodium) hydroxideat 80 °C for several weeks – both feats unattainable 4 years ago. The review also makes a series of recommendations for achieving the next quantum leap in AEM properties for enhancing alkaline fuel cell technology. Emphasis is placed on stability studies in fuel cell devices, in addition to devising materials that can conduct hydroxide ions under dry conditions and that can resist carbonation and oxidation.

Photo of abstract of published article by Prof. Chris Arges and his research group