Cain Department of Chemical Engineering SEMINAR


“Developing catalysts and interfaces for the sustainable production of fuels and chemicals”

Thomas F. Jaramillo


Developing new, renewable pathways to produce the same kinds of fuels and chemicals that are conventionally derived from fossil resources, e.g. H2 and C-based products, could play a major role in reaching sustainability goals for the globe. The abundance of solar energy and the dropping costs of renewable electricity are enabling factors for the broader implementation of photon-driven and electron-driven chemical processes. This talk will focus on the development of catalysts and interfaces for the production of H2 and carbon-based fuels and chemicals by means of electrolysis and solar photoelectrochemistry. Reactions to be discussed include H2 evolution, O2 evolution, and CO2 reduction. Examples will be given of catalyst translation from fundamental studies to integration into water electrolyzers and solar photoelectrodes.


Friday November 10, 2017


1221 Patrick Taylor Hall


Coffee will be served at 1:30pm