Ye Xu Becomes Chair-elect for the Southwest Catalysis Society


Prof. Ye Xu

Prof. Ye Xu has been named Chair-elect for the Southwest Catalysis Society (SWCS). During the two-year term, Prof. Xu will work with the rest of the leadership team (Chair: Dr. Lin Luo, Dow Chemical) and members of the Society to:

1) Promote participation from all member states in the Society’s activities;
2) Enhance electronic communication of the Society’s mission, goals, and activities;
3) Increase awareness and interest of graduate and undergraduate students in the catalytic science and its importance to our economy and society.

If you have ideas for improving the SWCS, please feel free to contact Prof. Xu.


About the Southwest Catalysis Society (SWCS)

The Southwest Catalysis Society is a nonprofit organization providing opportunities for members in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. We promote the exchange of ideas between the industry and academia, and support the involvement of students in the science and research of catalysis. We are a chapter of the North American Catalysis Society.

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