Communications Request Forms

College Website Requests

The college website serves many stakeholders and is subject to college/university policies and federal accessibility regulations. Communications makes every effort to accommodate reasonable requests; however, there may be best practice, policy, technical, or legal reasons why we cannot implement a particular request. 

Please use the appropriate form below to submit a request. Should there be an issue with a submission, someone from Communications will be in contact with you. Otherwise, we will let you know when your request has been implemented.

Use the below form to request changes to an existing employee profile page, like contact information, headshot, publications, and biographical information.

Requests for profile updates are addressed in the order they are received and are typically processed within 1-3 business days of receipt.

If you need a new page created or an existing page deleted, please reach out to our team.

Request a Profile Page Update

Use the below form to request basic updates to existing pages, like content suggestions, clarifications/corrections to factual information, updates to linking pages, and photo updates. 

Requests for webpage updates are addressed in the order they are received and are typically processed within one week of receipt.

Please note that requests for changes that would alter the user experience or the standardized visual appearance of the page relative to other similar pages are prohibited. Please contact our team if you have questions or concerns regarding the structure or design of a webpage.

Webpage Update Request

To request a new webpage, like an event landing page, new program page, or a new landing page for specific marketing campaigns, please reach out to our team

The Communications Team reserves the right to modify the project scope or decline to implement the project if it does not align with institutional goals or standard website best practices.