School + Pool = Productive Summer!

March 19, 2024

Brightly colored flip-flops lay on a pool deck next to bright blue water.BATON ROUGE - LSU Summer School Courses are a great opportunity to turn your free time into degree credits. You can enroll in a class that typically has a waitlist during fall or spring semesters, or take a course to raise your GPA.

Check out our summer school course offerings

CHSE has many different courses to choose from. From jogging, to advanced leadership development, to organization of Information ... we have some incredible courses for you.

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  • Long session courses are offered May 28 - August 10
  • Session B courses are offered May 28 - June 29
  • Session C courses are offered July 8 - August 10

ATRN 7000 Emergency Medicine for the Athletic Trainer
ATRN 7001 Introduction to Athletic Training Clinical Practice
ATRN 7402 Healthcare Administration in Athletic Training
ATRN 7002 Protective Taping and Bracing

Curriculum & Instruction

EDCI 1001 Intro to College Studies
EDCI 4460 Planning, Managing and Evaluating School Instruction
EDCI 4800 Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom
EDCI 5880 Introduction of English Language
EDCI 7018 Strategic Instructional Models for Students with Disabilities
EDCI 7105 Literacy for Elementary Grades
EDCI 7131 Disciplinary Literacy
EDCI 7135 Teaching Literacy Middle and Secondary School
EDCI 7306 Poverty in American Schools
EDCI 7309 Topics in Math Education
EDCI 7455 Foundation of Secondary & K-12 Education Theory
EDCI 7705 Applied Learning Theory
EDCI 7763 Developing Curriculum for Gifted Education
EDCI 7903 Curriculum Planning
EDCI 7931 Advancing Teacher Leadership

Education Leadership & Counseling

ELRC 2507 Introduction to Classroom Technology
ELRC 4507 Computer Technology in Education
ELRC 4603 Crisis and Trauma
ELRC 7001 Ethics and Educational Leadership
ELRC 7241 Education Research Methodology
ELRC 7248 Introduction Research Practicum
ELRC 7249 Advanced Research Practicum
ELRC 7348 Counseling Skills for Substance Use Problems
ELRC 7401 Administration of School Personnel
ELRC 7404 Internship in Educational Administration
ELRC 7422 Introduction to School Improvement/Action Research
ELRC 7432 Best Practices of Principal Leadership I
ELRC 7434 Best Practices of Principal Leadership III
ELRC 7435 Best Practices of Principal Leadership IV
ELRC 7450 Supervision of Instruction in Elem. and Sec. Schools
ELRC 7500 Technology Leadership in Education
ELRC 7505 Design and Development of Multimedia Instructional Units
ELRC 7605 Higher Education and the Law
ELRC 7613 Community Colleges
ELRC 7890 Retention and Student Success

CFS 1062 Personal Financial Management

LIS 4104 Collection Development of Non-fiction
LIS 7002 Information Resources
LIS 7010 Organization of Information
LIS 7011 Information Behavior
LIS 7100 Youth Services Librarianship
LIS 7110 Adult Services in Public Libraries
LIS 7504 Preservation Management of Physical Records
LIS 7505 Digital Curation
LIS 7506 Preservation & Digitization of Audiovisual Materials
LIS 7508 Management of Knowledge-based Assets in Organizations
LIS 7608 Introduction to Cataloging and Classification
LIS 7618 e-Discovery
LIS 7702 Seminar in Archival Appraisal
LIS 7703 Advanced Seminar in Archival Studies
LIS 7807 Information Literacy Instruction
LIS 7808 ST: Principles of Searching
LIS 7900 Internship in Library & Information Science
LIS 7909 Directed Independent Study

KIN 1146 Beginning Weight Lifting
KIN 1152 Tai Chi
KIN 1155 Beginning Jogging
KIN 1255 Jogging
KIN 1600 Individual Wellness and Public Health
KIN 2500 Human Anatomy
KIN 2501 History and Philosophy of Kinesiology
KIN 2509 Medical Terminology for Kinesiology
KIN 2510 Introduction Sports Leisure Administration
KIN 2400 Introduction Sports Medicine
KIN 2526 Psychology of Coaching
KIN 2530 Sport in Society
KIN 2600 Human Sexuality
KIN 2601 First Aid
KIN 2400 Introduction to Sports Medicine
KIN 2604 Mental Health Issues
KIN 2999 Internship in Leisure, Recreation, and Sport
KIN 3500 Human Anatomy Laboratory
KIN 3502 Tests and Measurements in Kinesiology
KIN 3513 Introduction Into Motor Learning
KIN 3514 Biomechanical Basis of Kinesiology
KIN 3515 The Physiological Basis of Activity
KIN 3535 Exercise Testing and Prescription
KIN 3608 Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases
KIN 3800 Ethical and Legal Issues in Sport
KIN 3801 Sport Strategies & Planning
KIN 3802 Program and Event Management
KIN 3804 Financial Issues in Sport
KIN 4501 Esports: Contemporary Issues and Emerging Trends
KIN 4512 Lifespan Motor Development 
KIN 4513 Facilities Management
KIN 4517 Sports Administration
KIN 4518 Governance and Policy Development in Sport
KIN 4519 Cadaver Dissection
KIN 4520 Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Activity
KIN 4538 Practicum in Applied Fitness
KIN 4571 Neuromotor Control of Human Movement
KIN 4606 Introduction Health Promotions
KIN 4900 Independent Study
KIN 7500 Practicum in Sport Management
KIN 7505 Problems in Kinesiology
KIN 4835 Practicum in Sport and Leisure Administration
KIN 4538 Practicum in Exercise Science and Human Performance

LHRD 2723 - Introduction to Leadership Development
LHRD 3723 - Leadership Concepts and Principles
LHRD 4067 - Innovative Learning Content Design for LXD
LHRD 4077 - ADD Design Thinking for LXD in the Workplace
LHRD 4573 - Managing the Human Resource Development Function.
LHRD 4723 - Advanced Leadership Development
LHRD 7200 - Philosophy of Science in Leadership and Human Resource Development
LHRD 7305 - Cultural Competence and Diversity
LHRD 7602 - Program Evaluation Design
LHRD 7700 - Introduction in Leadership Development
LHRD 7803 – Independent Study in LHRD
LHRD 4804 - Professional Development Capstone

SW2000 Introduction to Social Work
SW3011 Community Services & the Aged
SW4600 At Risk Youth

About CHSE

The College of Human Sciences & Education (CHSE) is a nationally accredited division of Louisiana State University. The college is comprised of the School of Education, the School of Information Studies, the School of Kinesiology, the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development, and the School of Social Work. CHSE has two model demonstration schools, the Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool, enrolling birth to age four and the University Laboratory School enrolling Kindergarten through grade 12. The college also has four centers and institutes: the Early Childhood Education Institute, the Healthy Aging Research Center, the Leadership Development Institute, and Social Research & Evaluation Center. The college is committed to achieving the highest standards in teaching, research, and service and is committed to improving quality of life across the lifespan.

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