The Report Card's In: LSU's Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool is an A+ School

May 08, 2024

Fostering a culture of creativity for all learners.

This is the mission of an LAA+ school. LSU’s Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool consistently holds their faculty, staff, and students to this high standard.

ECELP students paint in classLSU’s outstanding Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool (ECELP) has made history by becoming the first early childhood site for LAA+ schools in the state. LAA+ schools were created to foster school-wide change through a focus on arts integration.   

The mission of LAA+ complements the Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy at ECELP. The Reggio Emilia approach promotes the image of the child as capable, creative, and powerful, with the desire to connect with others, engage in learning, and explore materials in the environment. 

ECELP is thrilled to be a model for how the arts benefit the educational experiences of young children. LAA+ is committed to educating teachers on the arts and will provide a series of trainings to ensure the successful implementation of their program. 




ECELP students paint in classThis collaboration will not only benefit the children enrolled at the ECELP but will support the early childhood education program. This community of early childhood educators will be strongly impacted by demonstrating how the arts can be integrated into an early childhood curriculum. 

LAA+ Schools is a model that provides a framework for how schools can strengthen their curriculum to aid in developing the whole child and ultimately foster creativity in every learner. By taking naturally embedded connections between academic skills and various processes within the arts, students use visual art to analyze proportional relationships in math, and dance to demonstrate the transference of energy in science.

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About CHSE 
The College of Human Sciences & Education (CHSE) is a nationally accredited division of Louisiana State University. The college is comprised of the School of Education, the School of Information Studies, the School of Kinesiology the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development, and the School of Social Work. CHSE has two model demonstration schools, the Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool, enrolling birth to age four and the University Laboratory School enrolling Kindergarten through grade 12. The college also has four centers and institutes: the Early Childhood Education Institute, the Healthy Aging Research Center, the Leadership Development Institute, and Social Research & Evaluation Center. The college is committed to achieving the highest standards in teaching, research, and service and is committed to improving quality of life across the lifespan. 
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About ECELP 
The Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool (ECELP) is a Reggio Emilia - inspired research facility within LSU Lutrill & Pearl Payne School of Education and is aligned with the university’s undergraduate and graduate programs in Early Childhood Education. The ECELP is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, which is the leading early childhood professional organization in the nation. The ECELP serves as a laboratory for the generation of cutting-edge research in the areas of child development and education. It also serves as a training site for undergraduate and graduate students as a model demonstration site within the community. Through its support of research and teaching, the ECELP generates and disseminates knowledge about best practices in early childhood education to support children’s development and learning. 
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