Alumni Spotlight: Seungmin Kang, '21

Doctoral graduate Seungmin Kang shares what makes the LSU sport management program unique and how it prepared him for his career.

picture of Seungmin Kang

When did you graduate and what was your area of study?
I graduated Spring 2021 with a Doctorate in Kinesiology, specializing in Sport Management.

Where are you from?
I’m from Seoul, South Korea.

Please share a little bit about your career (what your role is, etc.).
Before coming to LSU, I served as a sponsorship manager in the international sport event sector and was also a former PE teacher and soccer coach in South Korea before my career in the sport event sector.

Since graduating this past spring, I have accepted the position of assistant professor in sport management at North Dakota State University starting Fall 2021.

What are some of your best memories of the School of Kinesiology?
It was an easy and comfortable atmosphere to talk with doctoral cohorts and faculty members during my time at LSU's sport management program. We often spent time together for coffee, lunch, and just going out for a walk. It was great to share thoughts and interact with each other.

How did the School of Kinesiology prepare you for your career?
The faculty and the PhD program in the School of Kinesiology supported my frequent travel to present research at national and international sport management conferences. Their support enabled me to develop my research profile, which allowed me to secure my academic career at a research-oriented institution. Furthermore, it was unique to have a 1-on-1 mentorship from a PhD advisor during my studies. I know many doctoral students at other institutions may not have such opportunities and this experience was invaluable.