Alumni Spotlight: Donald Bier, '20

Nebraska-native Donald Bier discusses the benefits of a program with students from all over the country in this alumni spotlight. Read about his career aspirations and more below.

photo of Donald Bier


Where are you from and when did you graduate from LSU?
I'm from Omaha, NE and I graduated December 2020.

Please share a little bit about your career (what your role is, etc.).
I am currently a middle school math teacher and have been a teacher for almost seven years. I am also the athletic director at the same school, which is a position that I have held for four years.

What are some of your best memories of the School of Kinesiology?
I enjoyed meeting and working with people who lived all over the country and who were in the same graduate program as me, but with different career goals. It was great to meet and learn from my classmates throughout the program.

How did the School of Kinesiology prepare you for your career?
The School of Kinesiology allowed me to take my desire to work in sports and make it a reality. My future will consist of continuing to work with children and young adults as a leader in a sports environment. My passion has always been to be a leader and role-model for children and young adults while also incorporating my love for sports. The School of Kinesiology has fully prepared me for this future.

What advice would you have for current students?
My advice would be to step out of your comfort zone within the program and meet new people, including your professors. You are all in it together and by working with each other, you will not only learn more about your desired program and your classmates, but you may also discover more about yourself.