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PhD Candidate Junhai Xu Receives 2018 National Strength and Conditioning Scholarship

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Join the REALPA Research Study

The REALPA Research Study will evaluate if three different physical activity programs, tailored to older adults, can help improve muscle strength and lower the risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic health conditions.

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Defining the Next Step: Kinesiology Junior, Lauren Bagneris, Remains Devoted to the Future Generation

Lauren Bagneris of New Orleans, LA is an Undergraduate Junior in the School of Kinesiology pursuing a concentration in Human Movement Services and Pre-Medicine with a minor in Biological Sciences and Psychology.

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Geauxing for Gold

Be an excellent student and take your college experience to the top tier.

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Kinesiology's Dr. Brian Irving Receives NIH Grant

Grant to Study Novel Exercise Programs on the Health of Older Adults Totals Nearly $500,000

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Dr. Ray Castle receives Bob and Lynn Caruthers Service Award

Ray Castle, PhD, received the Bob and Lynn Caruthers Service Award on October 13 in Tampa Florida.

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LSU Biomedical Collaborative Research Program Spurs Interdisciplinary Innovation

BATON ROUGE – LSU School of Kinesiology Associate Professor Arend Van Gemmert is an expert in how a person learns a motor skill with one hand and then performs the same skill with the other hand. This process is called bilateral transfer of learning. However, he needed a brain imaging expert to understand how the brain enables bilateral transfer of learning. He teamed up with Owen Carmichael, associate professor and director of biomedical imaging at LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center on a project funded by the LSU Biomedical Collaborative Research Program, or LBCRP.

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