Kwame  J.A.  Agyemang 

Assistant Professor

Bachelor's Degree(s): Political Science, The University of Oklahoma, 2007
Master's Degree: Higher Education Administration, The University of Oklahoma, 2008
PhD: Sport Management, Texas A&M University, 2011
Phone: 225-578-9146
Fax: 225-578-3680
Office: 129 Huey P. Long Field House





Dr. Agyemang’s research attempts to better understand a range of issues related to actors’ institutional work that creates, preserves, disrupts and changes institutions. He has published manuscripts in various journals, including Journal of Management Inquiry, Sport Management Review, Journal of African American Studies, International Journal of Sport Management, and International Review for the Sociology of Sport, among others. Dr. Agyemang is also the Deputy Editor for Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal and serves on the editorial board for the International Journal of Sport Communication, Journal of Amateur Sport, and International Journal of Sport Management.



  • Advocate for Diversity Award


  • Tiger Athletic Foundation (TAF)  Undergraduate Teaching Award


Active Memberships
  • North American Society for Sport Management            2009-Present
  • Academy of Management                                                  2011-Present
  • Africa Academy of Management                                      2015-Present

Selected Publications

Agyemang, K.J.A., & Kellison, T.B., & Martin, T.G. (2017). Impression management: A review of (non-sport) organizational literature and opportunities for sport industry research. International Journal of Sport Management, 18(2), 240-258.

Agyemang, K.J.A., Williams, A.S., & Kim, D.Y. (2015). “Scandalous!”: Reputation, impression management, and employee assistance programs (EAPs) in the NBA. Sport Management Review, 18, 609-617.
Agyemang, K.J.A., & Singer, J.N. (2014). Race in the present day: NBA employees sound off on race and racism. Journal of African American Studies, 18 (1), 11-32.

Agyemang, K.J.A. (2012). Black male athlete activism and the link to Michael Jordan: A transformational leadership and social cognitive theory analysis. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 47 (4), 433-445. 

Classes Taught

KIN 7518: Social Issues in Sport

KIN 4518: Governance and Policy Development in Sport

KIN 3800: Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport

Curriculum Vitae