SAXS Links

    CAMD's SAXS beamline sister page By Derek Dorman

    General Reference:

    Glatter and Kratky Small Angle X-ray Scattering Book (subject to the permission letter and terms of use)
    SAXS Presentation by Jianhua Li
    SAXS Presentation by John Pople
    Dr. Brian Grady's Polymer Characterization Group SAXS page

    Jun, Y., Waychunas, G. "Molecular-Level Investigations of Nucleation Mechanisms and Kinetics of Formation of Environmental Nanoparticles" Poster

    SAXS Analysis/Simulation:

    Paul Scherrer Institute
    CEA French interdisciplinary materials site
    SAXS Initiative for Europe :: Forum
    Manfred Kriechbaum Java Applets to simulate various shapes

    Other SAXS Beamlines:

    SSRL Stanford Beamline 1-5
    SSRL Stanford Beamline 4-2
    Advanced Light Source - Berkeley, BL 7.3.3 or SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS
    DESY in Germany A2, B1, BW4, D1 EMBL X33,
    Elletra in Trieste Italy BL 5.2 L
    APS BLs 5-ID-B,C,D , 12-ID-B,C,D , 15-ID-B,C,D , 18-ID-D
    ESRF France ID02
    Diamond in the UK BL I22
    LNLS Brazil BL D11A

    SAXS Research Groups: 

    Paul Russo's Macromolecular & Colloidal Systems Group at LSU
    Greg Beaucage Research Group Cincinnati
    Austrian SAXS beamline at Elettra


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    Advanced Design Consulting
    Applied Scintillation Technologies Advanced imaging and detection solutions
    Rexroth - A Bosch Company Structural Aluminum Framing Division
    MDC Vacuum Products
    FMB Oxford Synchrotron Beamline Engineering
    JJ X-ray Provider of x-ray and neutron instrumentation
    Rigaku Supplier of analytical and industrial x-ray instrumentation Search to find manufacturers, distributors and service providers
    Anton Paar Produces high-quality measuring and analysis instruments
    Xenocs Supplier of x-ray optical systems